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Current forecasts for 2015

topometric is expecting new employees and higher revenues

topometric plans a general design for optical measuring equipment 

Large-sized tools of 5,000 x 2,500 x 1,000 mm should be measured quickly, exactly and efficiently in a custom-made robotic cell. Topometric has received the order for its general design.

Requirements include measuring forming dies that weigh up to 30 tonnes, digitizing very large moulds and generating processing programmes. Scanning and sampling the first individual parts of the forming process will be carried out on the robotic cell as well.

'The order comprises selecting and defining the components, coordinating and implementing the sections and documenting and accepting the measuring cell,' says Marco Pohle, project manager of the automation team.

Current plans indicate that the optical robotic measuring cell will be commissioned some time in the next year. We will tell you more about this project in our next newsletters.