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Fully automated robotic cell for large components

Optical serial measurements at the site in Göppingen

A demo scan box is being build on our Göppingen site

Due to the ever-increasing requests for series measurements on large components with optical metrology systems, we decided to build a measuring cell in our plant 3 that was designed according to the latest standards by our project engineers.

The optical robot cell with the size of 13,000 mm x 7,000 mm measures components in horizontal as well as in vertical clamping with a size of up to 4,000 mm.

The measuring cell is equipped with two measuring and safety areas which can be operated independently, so that downtimes can be reduced to a minimum. While working at one measuring station, the second station can be set up in the meantime.

For this station our own developed rotary-lifting unit (which is filed as utility model) will be used for the first time. At the moment, the application for a patent is still under review. To allow an ergonomical set-up the vertical measuring plate can be automatically lowered and raised. The rotations of both the vertical rotary lifting unit as well as the horizontal measuring plate are centrally controlled by the ATOS VMR software and monitored by the Siemens PLC which was programmed by our engineers. This newly developed PLC and safety standard is taking into account the strict guidelines and standards for safety and construction, in particular the current machinery directive.

The presentation as well as the start of the series operation of this world innovation will take place during our Open House on 21.10.2015 in Göppingen.