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More than fulfilled expectations

Double stand system for a year trouble-free in operation

By using two sensors components can be measured in full

3D visualization of the robot cell

One year ago the largest double stand system went into operation at an aerospace company. The robot cell was designed and implemented by us for the measurement of very large components of up to eight meters in length.

There are two KUKA robots in operation. The digitization of the components is made with two ATOS Triple Scan III sensors simultaneously, allowing a halving of the measurement time and makes the system very efficient.

The measuring cell can be configured very flexibly. Originally designed for four different components, the system is now used to measure 30 different parts, which come from a completely different component spectrum.

We stood in an advisory capacity in the device development and took over the entire programming of the measurement series as well as the evaluations.

Since the commissioning one year ago, the system runs completely trouble free and meets all requirements without problems. Because of the high level of satisfaction, the customer is planning further investments with us.