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Alicona - our new system partner

Aliconas InfiniteFocus to measure form and roughness

The new system partnership with Alicona Imaging GmbH in Graz / Austria, a leading provider of 3D surface metrology specializing in complex, miniaturized surfaces, is the perfect complement for the field of optical metrology.

CEO Matthias Krebs explains the benefits of this partnership: "With the focus-variation Alicona provides a measurement method that combines the traditional surface metrology with the micro coordinate measurement technology. The user is now able to measure both the shape and roughness of components with the same system. The stable and robust method of focus-variation allows repeatable and traceable measurements in a manufacturing environment."

Optical 3D measurement technology in laboratory and production - the Alicona product range includes standard solutions and special designs. The product development is closely linked to the immediate needs of the industry, thereby customized solutions and completely new products are continuously created based on industry partnerships.