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Automated measuring cell for tools and body parts

Automatisierte Messzelle

- topometric is planning, coordinating and documenting - 

We have informed you about the planning and construction of a special customer project in the previous newsletters. We will now begin the function test of this fully automated measuring cell for testing tools and body panel parts in a few days.

A 12.5 x 7.5 metre surface is already marked out and programming is in full swing. Mounting the complete measuring cell at the customer's is scheduled for mid-April.

This facility is equipped with an upright KUKA industrial robot on a 4.5-metres  linear axis and two grid plates, each attached to a turntable, that support measuring parts of a size of up to 5,000 mm in horizontal position. The height of the vertical grid plate may be adjusted to equip the facility ergonomically. These systems have been developed and customised for this very customer.

The user intends to apply this automated measuring cell to creating standardised manufacturing processes. Also, procured tools weighing up to 30 tonnes shall be optically scanned and tested on this globally unique facility.

Among the rest, topometric GmbH provides for the coordination of the whole project, the choice of suppliers and the production of the whole documentation.

A short time-lapse video of the mounting of the measuring cell follows [in German] »