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Visiting Shanghai

Introduction of our product range in China

Carsten Vollmer is presenting our products and services

GOM-Event "New Challenges in Global Automotive Quality" in Shanghai

The Chinese market is an interesting challenge for us. Step by step, we want to introduce our service range in China.

After we have already been to Shanghai on a regular basis in the past three years, Carsten Vollmer, engineer of optical metrology, has been to China for two weeks where he met the Chinese representatives of our system partner GOM.

On the event initiated by GOM Shanghai, Carsten Vollmer gave a lecture on the topic "Service partner for optical and tactile measurement tasks“.

While visiting General Motors and SAIC Shanghai, our colleague got an overview of the automated measurement cells that were already in use.

„Overall, we see great potential for our services und automation solutions in China,“ said Carsten Vollmer.